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Fabio Midulla discusses the prevalence and clinical consequences of infections in hospitalised children with respiratory symptoms. FILMED AT THE EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOCIETY (ERS) INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, SEPTEMBER 2016 Can you tell us a little about the prevalence and clinical consequences of the human bocavirus in hospitalised children? 00:13 – Human bocavirus is a new virus, is a DNA...
Dr Adrie Bekker, a Consultant in Neonatology at Tygerberg Hospital and Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, is a recipient of the Discovery Foundation Academic Fellowship Award. She believes her research will raise awareness and understanding of maternal and infant TB care and help strengthen health systems to improve TB care for newborns.
Dr Bettina Schock of QUB was allocated £68,500 to analyse samples from airway cells in children with and without asthma to test the effectiveness of drugs, potentially leading to new treatments.