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European Respiratory and Pulmonary Diseases, 2015;1(1):13 DOI:
European Respiratory & Pulmonary Diseases, 2015;1(1):11

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The touchRESPIRATORY website provides a selection of resources to inform clinicians and patients about the latest developments in the field. The following are quick, non peer-reviewed, opinion-based updates addressing current trends and opinion on the most recent advances in the area of respiratory medicine:

Influenza: the quest for a universal vaccine Katrina Mountfort, Freelance Medical Writer for Touch Medical Media, UK


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Professor Timothy Cross from Florida State University discusses the role NMR plays within his research into tackling harmful diseases such as influenza and Tuberculosis.
Pregnant women might not appreciate the dangers that influenza poses to them and their unborn children. For more from the CDC Expert Commentary series on Medscape, visit:…
Development of improved influenza vaccines - Prof. Sarah Gilbert
Mayo Clinic vaccine expert Gregory Poland, M.D., explains the changes and choices for the flu vaccine.
Mayo Clinic doctors say its very important to get flu shots. Not just because they protect you against influenza, but also because if you do get sick with the flu, the vaccine reduces your chances of developing a potentially deadly complication called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).
Examining influenza and pneumonia as two interwoven diseases, and determining how they are linked at the cellular level.


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