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European Respiratory and Pulmonary Diseases, 2015;1(1):13 DOI:
European Respiratory & Pulmonary Diseases, 2015;1(1):11

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How to Treat Bronchitis in Children
A simple point of care paper-based diagnostic test in sputum will detect infective and allergic bronchitis in adults and children. This will help guide judicious use of currently available medications (steroids and antibiotics) to treat these disease
ERS Vision: The Lung Health and Medicine Revolution Over the past century we have become adept at suppressing the symptoms of respiratory diseases but we have made little progress in curing them. Respiratory diseases are responsible for over 650,000 deaths annually in the EU and the burden on...

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Reducing hospital admissions in COPD Katrina Mountfort, Freelance Medical Writer for Touch Medical Media, UK