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European Respiratory and Pulmonary Diseases, 2015;1(1):13 DOI:
European Respiratory & Pulmonary Diseases, 2015;1(1):11

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EAACI Asthma Section Member, Dr Enrico Heffler, considers the biggest recent breakthroughs in the use of biologic therapies in allergies and what other molecules may hold promise as biomarkers in allergy and asthma. Part 2 of 2. View Part 1 here. Speaker disclosures: nothing to...
EAACI Asthma Section Member, Dr Enrico Heffler, discusses unmet needs in allergy research, challenges in stratifying different allergy phenotypes and potential of microRNAs as biomarkers in asthma. Part 1 of 2. View Part 2 here. Speaker disclosures: nothing to disclose. Filmed at the European...
Claus Bachert discusses nasal polyps and current treatment options. Disclosures: Claus Bachert is the PI of the Dupilumab study. FILMED AT THE EUROPEAN RESPIRATORY SOCIETY (ERS) INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, SEPTEMBER 2016 Are all nasal polyps alike, or do they have different inflammatory...